Re-think the ceiling

You asked us to rethink the ceiling, so we did. Now it’s a blank canvas awaiting your vision. 
Philips OneSpace luminous ceiling liberates you from the constraints of conventional ceiling design so you’re free to pursue uncluttered minimalistic visions – and transform any interior into one cohesive space with beautiful homogeneous light.

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OneSpace luminous ceiling

  • Delivers daylight-like illumination, thanks to hidden LEDs that spread light evenly through the panel surface
  • Enhances room acoustics using sound-absorbing materials
  • Creates a minimalistic modern look, with its super thin edge and invisible light source
  • Integrates discreetly with ceiling architecture and your building management system
  • Exceeds industry safety standards with incombustible construction materials
  • Comes in made-to-measure sizes, up to 10 m x 3 m.

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How can OneSpace help?

Public spaces / Airports
Support staff at check-in desks, with clear visibility and an ambience that calms travelers.
Flagship stores / Shopping malls
Make a design statement and help shoppers to relax, so they spend longer in your store.

Car showrooms / Museums
Give visitors a visual treat, by showing the true colour and quality of objects in bright, glare-free light.

Meeting rooms / Receptions
Keep people focused, with improved acoustics and consistent lighting.



OneSpace is also available in an on stock, mounting ready version. This OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab is:
  • Stocked in a standard size of 1733 x 2860 mm (5.7 x 9.4 ft)
  • Ready to install (no on-side support necessary) 
  • Delivered upholstered with polyester textile
  • Purchasable in 3000 K and 4000 K versions
  • Available to be ordered directly
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