Aberdeen Drilling Consultants, Aberdeen, Scotland

"It was clear that automated LED lighting technology would complement our focus on innovation while also making an important contribution to workplace wellbeing.” 
Douglas Hay Chairman and Managing Director, Aberdeen Drilling Consultants 


The Team
Client: Aberdeen Drilling Consultants
Project partners: SMC
Creative consultant: SMC, Peter McDermott



Download: case study (pdf)

ADC’s new 460m2 offices in Aberdeen’s historic Rubislaw Toll House have been created by stripping the building back to its core, creating a new rotunda and adding new offices at the rear. “Our offices incorporate the very latest developments in office technology,” explained ADC’s Chairman and Managing Director Douglas Hay. “It was clear that automated LED lighting technology would complement our focus on innovation while also making an important contribution to workplace wellbeing. Additional benefits include energy savings and reduced cost of ownership, compared to traditional lighting,” he added. 
The challenge
A key design criterion was that the office’s white walls should be free from office art, corporate branding or other forms of ‘clutter’, with lighting being used as the main source of visual interest in the offices. 
General illumination is provided by a diverse range of Philips LED luminaires, mixing recessed, suspended and cove fittings, which themselves add to the visual interest through their interaction. This is further enhanced by the use of Philips SkyRibbon IntelliHue LED fixtures, which wash the walls with subtle pools of light that change colour through the day to bring a sense of change and refreshment to the workspaces. All of the lighting is controlled through a Dynalite touch screen control system, enabling ADC’s staff to programme the colour-changing patterns to create different effects. The general lighting also responds to natural daylight levels by adjusting light output accordingly to maintain the ideal lit environment.
Both the SkyRibbon, and the eW Graze fittings used for exterior lighting, use Philips Powercore technology. This controls power output to the luminaires directly from the line voltage, eliminating the need for external power supplies and reducing installation costs.
The use of dynamic lighting is taken a step further in the reception area where Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells introduce a dramatic intervention into the reception area. Installed and commissioned by Philips’ value-added partner SMC, each luminous textile panel integrates multi-coloured LEDs within the textile panel to create an ‘art wall’ that is further enhanced by a flow of images across the panels, ranging from Koi Carp to ink dropping through water.
The project sees the first use of both luminous textile panels and SkyRibbon in Scotland. “With the help of Philips automated LED lighting we have created a dynamic high tech environment, which is also a beautiful office. I predict that this new chapter in ADC’s development, authored within the surroundings of this amazing new workplace, is certainly going to be an exciting and dynamic one,” Douglas Hay concluded. If you would like to see more projects or have an enquiry, please visit us at www.philips.co.uk/lighting or email: lighting.uk@philips.com