Crédit Agricole, France

"We wanted this room to affect the mood, to be delightful and to be remembered, and also to create some sort of attraction. And secondly, for renting out, these panels enable a personalisation of the room and according to the people that we are expecing to host Luminous textile is the icing on the cake, the masterpiece in regard to his building." Patrick Cuozzo, head of Real Estate Projects, Crédit Agricole


The Team
Client: Crédit Agricole Normandie, Caen, France
Project Manager: Bureau d’etudes & Technique Ropin
Installer: Philips Lighting
Media designer: IQ Media

Download: case study (PDF)

The Project
Crédit Agricole is the largest retail banking group in France and is organised into 39 regional agencies. Considered to be the ‘local’ bank, Crédit Agricole wanted to reposition itself as an innovative company at the forefront of technology that conserves energy. As part of a renovation project and extension to their regional headquarters at Caen, the bank decided to build a new conference centre for internal and external use. Regarded as a real communication tool, the space would be promoted for local businesses and institutions to rent.

The 750 m² curved conference room consisted of a glass surface on one side and a full wall with doors on the other. The interior design of the room had to be exceptional, attractive and outstanding, but also promote well-being for employees and external visitors. The bank liked the concept of a ‘green’ wall of plants but had concerns about maintenance cost. They also wanted to minimise operation costs whilst maximising opportunities for the space to be customised to suit different activities.


The Solution 

The concept was brought to life using 14 luminous textile panels to display dynamic content. The architect and client opted for Kvadrat's white textile (Toto 102) for each 1.20m by 2.52m panel. A dark wood finish was chosen for the panel edges to contrast with the textile covering. The panels were delivered ready to be positioned and installed in groups of two or three to create a stylish wall covering. For the perfect finish, the panels were recessed to ensure a flush fit. All 14 panels were connected together to produce a single screen effect for visual graphics.

The luminous textile concept exceeded the client's expectations. Working with Philips creatives, Crédit Agricole was also able to integrate the bank's logo into the dynamic schemes. The results go beyond the bank's objectives. Not only does luminous textile create a dynamic lighting ambiance inside the reception area, it's also visible from a major road that runs past the bank. What's more it meets their energy target with a  maximum consumption of 60W per square meter. The bank is now seen as being an innovative company without even entering the building. By steering the project, its implementation and the creation of content, Philips was able to guarantee a beautiful result. What's more, the bank can now make the most of this innovative communication tool to enhance its reputation.