Jones Lang LaSalle, Moscow, Russia

"We can make full use of natural daylight thanks to the panoramic windows of the room and the Philips equipment. Their luminous textile panels help to underscore the company’s image by adding dynamic content to the reception zone. This leaves a lasting impression on clients.” Ksenia Agapova, Head of Jones Lang LaSalle environmental innovations section


The Team
Client: Jones Lang LaSalle, Moscow, Russia
Project Manager: Philips Moscow
Installer: Tetris Solutions
Media designer: Philips Large Luminous Surfaces
Architect: AEDAS & Tetris Solutions

Download: case study (pdf)

The Background
Philips solutions were used for the lighting of the head office of Jones Lang LaSalle, a company providing financial and comprehensive professional solutions in real estate. The office is located in Vivaldi Plaza, an A-Premium class business centre. The concept for the layout of the new office, designed by the partner Tetris Solutions, puts the emphasis on lighting which helps to create a relaxing atmosphere for the company’s staff and clients. Our design took into account Jones Lang LaSalle’s corporate principles. The head office in Vivaldi Plaza is a real model of sustainable development, as the design is based on the principles underlying the LEED and BREEAM environmental standards.

The Solution
All of the luminous textile panels are integrated in an intelligent system that controls and monitors energy consumption, allowing energy savings of up to 60%. The client zone, meeting rooms, corridors, coffee areas and reception area have been fitted with lighting which meets the latest requirements for ergonomics, energy efficiency and design. In the offices, SmartForm TBS411 have been used, which allows the level of light to be adjusted. The corridors and coffee zones are illuminated with LuxSpace Micro LED luminaires. In the client zones, StyliD Compact luminaires, which are characterised by their unique design and high quality optical system, have been fitted. They deliver significant energy savings compared with halogen luminaires, as well as providing a high quality light. The mini-meeting rooms are decorated with the appealingly designed Philips LumiStone luminaires, whose light output exceeds 100 lm/W. Their contemporary organic design, smooth curves, small dimensions and the high quality of the light emitted by their LEDs create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 
But the luminous textile panels arranged on the ceiling in the reception area are what create the true office décor at Jones Lang LaSalle. Luminous textile panels are multicoloured programmable LED panels covered with Kvadrat Soft Cells sound-absorbing cloth within an aluminium frame. Each panel is in effect a digital image which can be controlled from your mobile device. The dynamic images on the surface of the material create a unique atmosphere with captivating results.