Laurèl flagship store, Munich, Germany

Our slogan 'See, Feel, Love' represents a clear message: our fashion is more than design and quality. It's pure emotion. This is reflected perfectly by the exceptional luminous textile panels in our new shop content.”
Evelyn Lagoyannis, Head of Visual Merchandising & Store Design at Laurèl



The Team
Client: Laurèl flagship store, Munich, Germany
Project Management: Laurèl, Evelyn Lagoyannis,
Franziska Felgentreff
(project coordination: Einszu:33: Annegret Lochbrunner
Architect: Frederike Krinn; Kvadrat,
Kristian Hofmann (product consultation)
Philips Lighting, Thomas Roberts,
Bart Vaes (lighting consultation)


Download: case study (pdf)

The Client
Laurèl is an internationally renowned premium brand from Germany. The creations from this fashion company stand for “Luxury Ease”, a new casual style which is in keeping with the times of the modern woman. It represents independence and self-confidence combined with strength and femininity. All styles have a feel-good factor and are for everyday wear, whatever the time of day.

The Challenge
With the opening of the Laurèl store on Munich’s Theatinerstrasse, the public will be introduced to a new feel-good store concept for the first time. The goal was to achieve an interior design which stirs emotions, in which the architecture also embodies the particular Laurèl way of life (See, Feel, Love). The ambience should also invite the customer to discover the entire Laurèl philosophy and have a fun shopping experience wandering around the store.

The Solution
This is achieved through the interworking of different concepts and systems. The modern interior design skilfully plays with contrasts and is designed to have a particular effect. Vintage furniture provides a warm, relaxed atmosphere which is offset by cooler features such as industrial windows, steel and glass. The theme of nature will be introduced through a “Vertical Garden” – a special construction with plants growing from an illuminated wall. The brand colour purple will run through the entire store like a purple thread. The element linking the two floors is Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells – an innovative, sound-absorbing textile panel with integrated, multi-coloured LEDs. These panels are the ideal solution for creating stopping power and a pleasant shopping experience. Reinforce your brand identity by choosing a video from our library or uploading your own via the special content manager software. At this Laurèl store the panels are combined with extra sound absorbing soft cells which line the stairways.

The Results
The shop concept as a whole expresses Laurèl’s company spirit perfectly. “We’re thrilled,” says Evelyn Lagoyannis, Head of Visual Merchandising & Store Design at Laurèl. “The luminous textile panels fit amazingly into the architecture of our store and create a really unique decorative effect. It suits us perfectly.” The ambience in the new Munich flagship store has impressed both companies and clients alike. In the coming months, this adaptation will be implemented in other German stores, where the interior will be matched from city to city to spread style across the regions.