Nordsjællands Hospital, Hillerød, Denmark

“In future I really hope that we can offer the same service to all women in labour.”
Mette Monsrud, midwife, Nordsjællands Hospital – Hillerød


The Team
Client: Capital Region of Denmark/Nordsjællands Hospital
Project Manager: Nordsjællands Hospital, Wavecare ApS

and Philips A/S
Installer: Philips Denmark
Designer: Bjørn Wennerwald


Download: case study (pdf)

The Background
For a long time, the delivery suite at Nordsjællands Hospital, Hillerød has wanted to provide women in labour with greater tranquility and peace of mind during birth, resulting in an improved labour experience. The delivery suite wanted to offer relaxing music in combination with visual effects. Inspired by experiences from Skejby (small town in Denmark) and elsewhere, the project started to take shape. During this time, the idea for a specially designed breathing programme to help with breathing during contractions also came to light. In collaboration with Philips Lighting and Wavecare, both specialists in reducing stress for patients and staff through the use of light, and sound and pictures respectively, a PPI (Public-Private Innovation project) was established to develop two specially designed delivery rooms. "Part of the project consists of examining what the new delivery rooms mean to women in labour", explains Midwife Mette Monsrud. "Amongst other things, data is being collected regarding the use of pain relief, duration of labour and any interventions. All women who give birth are also asked to complete a questionnaire after delivery. The results are used to adjust the project for the rest of 2013, in order to achieve the best possible solution - for women in labour, their partners and hospital staff."

The Challenge
"The department wanted to remove the 'hospital experience' from the delivery rooms", says Bjørn Wennerwald, project manager at Wavecare. "We aimed to create a spa-like experience and felt that Philips' new luminous textile panels would contribute to providing this experience. This meant it was time for the project to also draw on Philip's extensive knowledge of dynamic lighting. We have encountered some real challenges on the way - in the breathing programme for example, where the rhythm is visualised by a wave. We looked at several hundred waves before we found the one that was completely right".

The Solution
The sensory experiences in the new delivery rooms, which opened in August 2013, have been divided into three phases that all combine coloured light, calming sounds and moving images. The sequence consists of a welcome programme, a breathing programme and a relaxation programme. Mood lighting can also be selected without sound and images, as well as optional 100% fully white lighting. To achieve optimal flexibility for the women in labour, light and sound levels, as well as colour, can be configured individually for each programme. In addition to luminaires, the system consists of a luminous textile panel with gradually changing images and a sound sytem. Around the delivery area there are built-in PowerBalance LED luminaires with neutral, white light. Built-in Fugato LED downlights can be found along the walls, which can be lit in all colours, and at the entrance to the room there is a built-in LuxSpace LED downlight with neutral white light. All this is controlled directly using the Pharos Touch screen.

The Benefits
"I cannot think of any women in labour who have not been really happy with the experience", says Mette Monsrud. Bjørn Wennerwald adds: "I have never experienced such an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone involved". The benefits are not restricted to the users and staff in the delivery rooms. All LED luminaires have a low energy consumption and the bulbs' service life of up to 50,000 hours minimises maintenance and material costs. The entire solution can also easily be moved to new premises.


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