Danish Telecom TDC, Denmark

"It's a very luxurious way to make a wall. The combination of softness, textile and technology has a magical quality that creates a very special experience.” Rikke Haugaard, PLH Arkitekter

The Team
Client: TDC Headquarters, Copenhagen, Denmark
Installer: Kvadrat Soft Cells, Philips Lighting
Media designer: IQ Media
Architect: Rikke Haugaard, PLH Arkitekter

Download: case study (pdf)

The Project
Luminous textile panels and Kvadrat Soft Cells have been chosen for the head office of TDC, the largest telephone company in Denmark. The company wanted to refurbish the premises with a design scheme appropriate for a major telecom provideer. Importantly, they wanted this to deliver a unique guest experience that would showcase their exciting technologies.

The Challenge
One of the key focus areas for the project was a narrow, gently curving corridor linking the main reception area to other parts of the building. With a concrete wall on one side, and glass offices on the other, it represented a significant acoustic challenge: the hard surfaces reflected sound and amplified footsteps and echoes.

The Solution
The TDC story is brought to life in an inspirational way, and the acoustic challenge of the corridor solved, by using a combination of luminous textile palens and Kvadrat Soft Cells. On one side of the corridor, black luminous textile panels display diffused dynamic content, which is easier to view in the narrow space.

This consists of images of TDC making 'special connections' in people's lives. Alongside these panels are LED flat screen displays showing the same images in HD. Together, these different media deliver a layered, more immersive experience. On the other side of the corridor, Kvadrat Soft Cells cover the curved concrete wall. These are covered in two different black fabrics, one smooth and one textured. This combination creates a tactile and lively experience. Furthermore, the smooth panels are printed with white icons representing TCD's range of telephony solutions. Building on the layered theme, 'light tapes' stream information in real time, highlighting the flow of communication around Denmark.

The Benefits
The luminous textile panels have transformed the static, narrow corridor into a dynamic space that illustrates the essence of TDC. The two black walls function as an information portal between the buildings with content that can be used to inform staff and visitors. Furthermore, the soft material has improved the acoustics significantly, making this a more comfortable space to experience.