UNK project, Moscow, Russia

“ Our office is UNK project’s business card, which is why we’re looking in our design to present an image of an innovative company which is in step with the latest trends in design and environmentally friendly planning. Philips Lighting not only allowed us to gain maximum ergonomics and efficiency, but has turned these former industrial premises into a welcoming and comfortable place to work, to relax and to meet clients.” Yulii Borisov, founder and chief architect at UNK project and member of the Union of Moscow Architects, the Moscow Union of Designers and the Moscow Architectural Association.


The Team
Client: UNK project, Moscow, Russia
Project Manager: Alex Koshkarov and
Berno Ram (Philips Lighting Consultants)
Installer: Philips CSS, Russia
Media designer: Philips Large Luminous Surfaces
Architect: Yuli Borisov and Vladimir Garanin (UNK project)

Download: case study (pdf)

The Background
Philips has designed and implemented a lighting system for the new office of UNK project. The opening of the new office has been timed to coincide with the 15th birthday of the architectural and design company.

The Challenge
The main objective of the project was to turn the former industrial premises into a comfortable office where light helps staff to come up with creative solutions and to concentrate on their drawings. The Philips adaptive system of lighting which supports the company’s business processes also provides a pleasant atmosphere for staff to relax in and meet with clients. As a result of the project, the office of the architectural company UNK project is not just a workplace, but also a showroom and a platform for experiments in lighting.

The Solution
The comprehensive approach to lighting arrangement and the choice of individual designs for different types of rooms allowed Philips staff to create optimum working conditions for the architectural company. The foyer is equipped with luminous textile panels built into the reception desk. The dynamic lighting, whose content can be controlled from a smartphone, breathes life into the office space and also underlines that the company is in touch with the latest developments on the market for light engineering and lighting design. Changing light scenarios are also provided for the rest  area on the second floor The dynamic lighting provided by the Color Kinetics LED solutions creates a special atmosphere in the space, which can be changed to match the preferences of the staff. In the working area of the office, the lighting is provided by StyliD luminaires and spotlights, which are capable of delivering an evenly bright light thanks to modern optical technology. In the large conference room, Savio luminaires have been incorporated with controllable light temperatures and lighting levels. In the UNK project office café, the interior is complemented by myLiving pendant luminaires, giving this zone a more homely look & feel.


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