Atlas Workbase, Seattle, USA

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  • Atlas Workbase, Seattle, USA, luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells
  • Atlas Workbase, Seattle, OneSpace luminous ceiling
"Philips Lighting is the best.
We wanted to work with the best."

Bill Sechter, CEO, Atlas Workbase.
Powerful lighting solutions for modern workspaces.
It was essential the offices have light suitable for a wide range of workplace needs, from team meetings to video conferencing to independent work. But with limited natural light available, ATLAS Workbase needed powerful lighting solutions that matched its superior look and felt personal. They required a lighting partner with a huge breadth of products and knowledge, an expert with both technical and aesthetic understanding. Marti Hoffer, CEO of Lumenomics, a Philips Value Added Reseller engaged to direct the lighting, knew immediately who to call. “Philips had the capacity and the sophistication to support the owner and their needs.” Philips Lighting recommended that LED lighting form the basis of the lighting design. The solution utilized Philips Luminaires, including Philips Ledalite and Philips Lightolier, to provide the space with premium,
high-quality light — in both function and design.
Also a OneSpace luminous ceiling prefab panel is used in one of the conference rooms. And, when enter Atlas Workbase, you are greeted by a luminous textile panel with soft and subtle content providing energy to you. Both solutions helped provide a high-quality aesthetic that complemented the workspace. 


Atlas Workbase
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