Video gallery

On this page you can find a selection of our luminous textile and OneSpace videos. You can watch and download them so they can help illustrate your story.

A selection of these videos is also available via our YouTube channel


Crédit Agricole wmv Crédit Agricole m4v Breitner wmv Breitner m4v
TedX wmv TedX m4v    

Elevator wmv Elevator m4v Lisbon wmv Lisbon m4v
Staircase wmv Staircase m4v Breitner wmv Breitner m4v
Evoluon wmv Evoluon m4v Material World wmv MyShop wmv
JLL m4v HTC 33 mp4    
Inspirational wmv Inspirational m4v Showroom mp4 The Revolving Room
Philips Madrid mp4 Miriam Bäckström Future of retail Inspirational


Technology mp4 Technology wmv L+B 2014