Soothing healthcare

Despite advances in modern medical care, a trip to the hospital can be unpleasant for patients.
Luminous textile creates a soothing environment that improves well-being and puts patients and staff at ease.

See below how luminous textile can add value to different healthcare areas.


Interior Design

Your facility’s interior appearance makes a huge difference to the patient experience. Soothing visuals from luminous textile make visitors feel relaxed while differentiating your hospital.
  • Create an attractive atmosphere that generates positive feelings in visitors and staff
  • Keep patients calm so that treatment times decrease
  • Make your facility stand out from the competition
  • Eliminate harsh echoes with the sound-softening properties of luminous  textile
  • Increase overall patient satisfaction 


Waiting room

Studies show that an attractive waiting area makes time seem to go by faster. With shorter perceived waiting times, patients feel less anxious and treatments run smoothly.
  • Provide a welcome distraction with morphing tranquil light effects
  • Shorten treatment times by keeping patients calm
  • Increase patient satisfaction by maintaining an attractive atmosphere


Treatment room

Receiving medical treatment is often unpleasant for patients. Luminous textile improves the process significantly by displaying light content that is naturally calming.
  • Give patients a positive distraction to focus on
  • Help people feel connected to the outside with light themes reminiscent of outdoor scenery
  • Stimulate reassuring feelings of control in patients by letting them choose content
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere for both patients and staff 



Healthcare facilities can be hectic places – especially in busy corridors where sound rebounds. Ground-breaking luminous textile absorbs harsh echoes, resulting in a less stressful environment.
  • Ensure a calmer atmosphere for patients by minimizing background noise
  • Reduce distractions for staff and support an energizing workplace
  • Support faster recovery in patients by providing a less hectic atmosphere
  • Improve overall staff satisfaction and lessen employee absences


Delivery rooms

Childbirth is a painful experience for mothers, and stressful for family members and staff. Calming visual effects reduce anxiety in the delivery room and help mothers to focus on breathing.
  • Provide positive distractions from labor pains
  • Help patients control breathing during contractions, with interactive visualizations that mothers can follow
  • Help patients to recover from mental fatigue, with tranquil light effects
  • Reduce stress for patients, staff and family members with calming ambience
Find out how luminous textile can transform your healthcare facility.

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