Inspirational offices

Creating the right office atmosphere will inspire colleagues and impress visitors. Enjoyable ambience from luminous textile wows guests and helps you retain staff, while sound-softening materials eliminate distracting noise.

Below you will find examples of how luminous textile can transform office spaces.



Create the right impression in an instant. Luminous textile turns your reception into a beacon that broadcasts your company’s style and brand values.
  • Help people find your entrance area, with highly visible lighting effects
  • Guide visitors towards your reception desks
  • Reinforce your brand with light themes that use your trademark colors
  • Create a friendly atmosphere with gentle acoustics from the sound-softening materials


Waiting area

People can often feel anxious or apprehensive in waiting areas. Keep them relaxed with distinctly alluring ambience from luminous textile.
  • Distract visitors from anxiety and accelerate their perception of waiting time with morphing light content 
  • Bolster your brand experience with carefully chosen colors – particularly important if your waiting area is part of your reception
  • Reduce stress with soft acoustics and reassuring ambience


Open plan office

Create a dynamic, inspiring space where people can concentrate. Luminous textile creates an enjoyable ambience, and its sound-softening capabilities eliminate distracting echoes.
  • Inspire employees with light content that makes them feel connected to your brand
  • Enable colleagues to personalize their environment with different light content
  • Create an echo-free space to help colleagues concentrate
  • Help colleagues focus by providing momentary distractions in the absence of windows – studies show these ‘micro-restorative moments’ can reduce attention fatigue


Breakout areas

Work can be exhausting for employees, so giving them a pleasant place to unwind for a few minutes can improve their productivity. Luminous textile creates a tranquil, enjoyable atmosphere to relax in.
  • Help employees recover from mental fatigue, with light content that replicates naturally rejuvenating visual patterns
  • Treat employees to scenes of nature that help them relax
  • Create a multi-purpose space with versatile LED illumination


Meeting room

Studies show that that light can support the collaborative process. With dynamic, vibrant illumination effects, luminous textile can help people to stay focus and energized. 
  • Make the meeting room a pleasant place to spend time in, with beautiful light effects
  • Keep staff alert and support decision making with bright, welcoming ambience
  • Remind colleagues of your brand values by showing your trademark colors
  • Set the right scene for every meeting with customizable light content



Corridors are often a boring place, and navigating them can be confusing for visitors. Luminous textile can guide people to their destination while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Change the perception of time positively by keeping visitors entertained during walks
  • Reduce stress by filling corridors with tranquil light and colors
  • Guide people towards their destination with luminous textiles that act as landmarks
  • Create an interactive environment with light that changes when presence is detected 



Give colleagues and visitors the perfect place to socialize, with some truly tasteful lighting. Luminous textile brings more than a pinch of style to your restaurant, and can adapt to create different moods.
  • Switch between different light themes to match the ambience to the time of day
  • Give your eatery a high-end restaurant feel with cutting-edge visual effects
  • Show visual content or create interactive experiences that reflect your corporate culture
Find out how luminous textiles can transform your office.


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