Magical retail

Add a touch of magic to your customer’s shopping experience. Luminous textile reflects your brand perfectly, creating an exciting environment that attracts passers-by and encourages them to stay longer. Dynamic visual content keeps shoppers entertained while they queue in fitting rooms or at the checkout.

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Shop window

Your shop window plays a vital role in attracting passers-by. Luminous textile gives you exciting new ways to entice customers and differentiate your store from others nearby.
  • Give your shop window ultimate stopping power, with vibrant visual content
  • Start your brand experience from right outside the store
  • Draw attention to merchandise in window displays while creating a flawless first impression


Store architecture

Accentuate your store’s interesting architectural features and give your store a unique personality with dynamic visual effects.

  • Differentiate your store experience with lighting that creates a magical atmosphere
  • Use empty wall space to captivate customers 
  • Enhance the brand experience with lighting themes that match your trademark colors


Selling floor

Luminous textile turns your shop or showroom into an entertaining space where people enjoy spending time. The longer visitors stay, the more likely they’ll buy.
  • Create magical effects that reinforce your brand experience
  • Guide customers between floors with stair-side ambience
  • Create the right scene for the season, with flexible visual content 
  • Keep guests entertained and increase the time they spend exploring


Racks, shelves and displays

Create an immersive shopping experience with luminous textile, drawing customers to merchandise and encouraging them to linger longer.
  • Attract attention towards specific displays in the store
  • Make shopping fun so customers keep coming back
  • Reinforce your brand experience or adapt visual content to match your merchandise
  • Reduce the perception of time near the checkout or fitting rooms, with entertaining effects
  • Enable customers to match the light content with clothes they are deciding on – for example, a park scene could help shoppers try on trainers
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