Stay in control

Luminous textile is an integrated solution. No external drivers, no complicated controles and no cable intensive equipment.  

Simpl install your panel to the wall or ceiling and plug in the power cable and ethernet cable. Choose your prefered content videos and upload them to your panel via the free to download Content Manager software

That is all you need to do to bring your spaces alive!

Smart control

Within each panel is a built in web server which allows you to convieniently control your installation. This can be done from a Windows or Mac computer, a smartphone or tablet.

An included scheduler can take care of automating the playback of various content themes, at different times of the day or week.

Use the DiscoverMe LTP app to discover luminous textile panels in a network. The app will automatically forward you to the Web UI (user interface). Via this interface you can control your panels and change a room's ambience at the push of a button.


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Hand held remote

It is also possible to controle your luminous textile installation with a dedicated remote control. 

Easily turn your system on and off, or scroll through the different themes.


System integration

Linking your luminous textile system to another control system is easily possible. Simply link the ethernet connection to your building network and use our commands to control the luminous textile installation. 

These commands can come from a Philips Dynalite, Philips Color Kinetics and most building management systems. If you prefer to use an external control system, that is possible too. The luminous textile panel supports the Philips Color Kinetics KiNET protocol for pixel precise external control. Read all about it in the System integration manual.


To guarantee the functionality of your luminous textile a proper network is required. A luminous textile solution can be delivered including compatible routers and switches.

Of course you can use your own preferred routers too. Questions?

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