If you encounter any issues with the luminous textile panel please be informed of the following general points which might help you to solve the issue.
  • Reboot of the luminous textile panel(s) 

Disconnect the power from the luminous textile installation, wait 30 seconds, and put power back on. The installation will restart. (This might take up to 3 minutes)

  • ​Check mains and network connections

Is the power on?
Are all plugs connected correctly?
Does the problem exist when you connect the luminous textile panels on a dedicated LAN (directly to a switch or router, with no other equipment attached?)
Does the problem exist when disable other network connections of your computer and only connect to the luminous textile LAN? Does the issue exist when you connect your computer via a cable to the installation instead of wireless?

  • ​Update the luminous textile panel to the latest firmware version

We continue to update and improve our firmware and software. The latest version of firmware update might fix the issue you encounter.
Download our latest Content Manager software.

  • Repair the luminous textile panel via the built-in system tool on the luminous textile panel’s webserver

Use Content Manager to discover all luminous textile panels. Open the webserver of the luminous textile panel you are troubleshooting. In Content Manager 2.x.x, please go to the ’Applications’ page (icon on the right top of your screen), open the ‘Service Tools’ app. Click ‘Repair’ and wait for the progress bar to finish.In Content Manager 3.x.x, please go to the ’Settings’ page, go to the ‘SD card’ app. Click ‘Check’ and wait for the progress bar to finish. If this does not work, login as 'admin' and click Repair at the same page.

  • Validate the settings in your installation

The default settings for each luminous textile panel (‘Settings’ page: i.e. Set the default album/playlist, operation mode, IP address, rotation) can be adjusted, and are stored in the luminous textile panel during the ‘Save as default settings’ action. If this step has not been executed a reboot of the system might give unexpected settings to the luminous textile panel. Please check the settings and be sure to click ‘Save as default settings'.

In this section we gather both frequent and less frequent questions related to troubleshooting.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team if this did not help you to solve your issue. We are here to help you.