Kvadrat Soft Cells

Kvadrat Soft Cells are patented panels that control sound absorption. They are suitable as building components or for post fitting. The panels allow you to create an aesthetic environment with excellent acoustic properties that promote productivity and well-being. Soft Cells panels are the product of Kvadrat’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of textile design. The company has a history, which continues to this day, of working with the world’s leading designers to develop premium-quality textiles and textile-related products for public spaces and the home.
The modular Soft Cells are based on an innovative and patented aluminium frame, with a concealed tensioning mechanism which keeps the surface of the fabric perfectly stretched. As a result, the panels are not affected by humidity or temperature and stay looking good for years. With such a glowing reputation we could think of no better partner than Kvadrat Soft Cells to help us realise the luminous textile vision. Their acoustic solution, combined with our advanced lighting solutions, create the perfect marriage of texture and light to produce breathtaking moods and effects that will bring any space alive. 
Kvadrat is Europe's leading supplier of design textiles with a superb reputation for supplying fabrics for use in upholstery, curtains and soft furnishings.
Recognised by architects, designers and furniture manufacturers for the outstanding aesthetic, tehnological and artistic quality of their textiles, Kvadrat continually pushes the boundaries to create ever more inspirational materials.
The company works with leading visionaries in the field of design and architecture including Alfredo Häberli, Peter Saville and Akira Minagawa. They’re innovative fabrics are used in some of the world’s most iconic developments including New York’s Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the new Opera House in Oslo.
Acoustic expertise
Kvadrat Soft Cells understands the problem of acoustic 'smog' in shared spaces. Concentration is difficult and amplified sounds cause fatigue. Luminous textile panels can be combined with Kvadrat Soft Cells to create one integrated system. The Soft Cells are designed for acoustic comfort by broadband conditioning in all relevant octaves between 200 - 4000 Hertz and can be tailored to the acoustics of any interior.